African Leadership, Poverty and The Mass.

In Our Diaspora, Africa as a whole got that Cognizance and are capable of "giving the sack to the walking paper" all forms of indigence. When we talk of Technology tody, we all point at America, Japan, China etc. When we talk about money, we always point at the so called Developed Countries. Most people from Africa precisely Ghana are on the verge of loosing their lives all in the name of Money, they travel abroad in search for jobs. Some fight and fight so hard to acquire visa to those Developed Countries. But instead of asking ourselves, how come those Countries are more Developed than the Countries in Africa, we don't think about that. We only focus on the ultimate aim. Some Africans who succeed and get such a Visa to those Developed Countries, some end up being slaves, some are deceived and are used for Sex Machines, the Life of some become miserable and would have wished to return Home, but Had I know is always at Last. Only few out of this most succeed but they even struggle. They are restricted in so many ways.

Why should all these happen to  Africans.  We always blame our ourselves but the fact is that, Our Leaders(PRESIDENTS) are the main contributing factors to these.

In Ghana Today, when the President should fall sick he is flee outside the country, Presidents and their Ministers don't use Locally manufactured cars, Most contracts in the Country are given to Foreigners. So what has become the use of our students studying Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and more. The same Leaders would come out and say "Let's patronize made in Ghana goods to promote our local industries " but Leadership they said is by example, you the same Leaders would go in for foreign Contractors, Architects, Engineers and many more. And you expect your followers to value things manufactured within the country? No, I think our Leaders are failing here. Instead of equipping our Local students and awarding them contracts, they rather turn away for Foreigners and you think Poverty and Unemployment can be curtailed? No, the people would suffer.

Civilization and Technology we all know started in Africa but Today, Africa is the Last in terms of Technology across the Globe. During the Precolonial era, raw materials were exported from Africa to the white man land. The development of those Countries were resources tapped in Africa. They used our own resources for their development and we depend on them.  Even though every individual has a role to play in community Development but, the leaders have to be Mentors to their subordinates.

One big Problem faced and caused by Africans is our timings. Today in Ghana, when an occasion is scheduled at a particular time, people tend to come late and the most annoying thing they say is Ghana Man Time. Ghana don't have a time, those are all negative attitudes towards work. Let's rather follow the Greenwich Mean Time for progress.

Nelson Mandela once said "you cannot have an impact on society if you have not change yourself".  Leaders in Africa have a great role to play in the attainment of Development and progress of Technology in the various Countries across Africa. Our Leaders have to realize that, we are capable of Changing situations than depending on others. Africa is the most richest continent in terms Of natural and Human resources. We have everything available. It's time now we use our own mechanisms or initiatives in the eradication of Poverty in Africa. Let's now assume that, the so called Developed Countries are ahead of us in terms of Technology but we should not let that be perpetual but we should rather train and trust our own people. Schemes or opportunity should be given to our students studying practical courses to explore and come back to be given contracts in the Country. Trust me, if we always take our own initiatives and trusting our own people with positive attitude towards work, Africa would change in the next revolution.

But if we keep on marking time and always depend on this Foreigners, some few years to come Africa would be worse and it can only take Hundred (100) years to cure that problem. Africa Leaders should not only be power conscious but they should seek to meet the need and cry of the people. Africans should do away with conflicts of chieftaincy, Access to Political. During elections in Africa, that's where we see real colors of people insulting. Similar thing happened to Rwanda between the Tsutis and Hutus which lead to the Genocide.

 Africa,let's rise up and put certain things in Order. Let's forget Gender, Race, creed, Political affiliation and not always focusing on going for Loans. That time of collecting the Loan, that country may suggest a silly condition for you to fulfill before getting access to the Loan. They are all forms of insults labelling against us.
Today, most Television stations in Ghana do not premiere our locally produced Movies but always the India line.
It's time to share equal Political rights and opportunities for development.

 If you would be successful in life, You don't have to only travel to America, Dubai, China etc.That would make you who you are but its only hard work and determination. Our Leaders should sit up and put certain things in order, at least when our people are abused externally, the Leaders should also have a say, we shouldn't sell our integrity. We are all Humans. Let's also make sure that, we should minimize the rate of "Protocols" and Corruption and put more seriousness in our daily activities. Our Laws must work, Equality before the Law should always be our hallmark.
Leaders in Africa should equip our Local Hospitals and Clinics and value them. They should not only be seeking the attention of Foreign Doctors, because if they play that very important role, the mass wouldn't fancy Foreign things hence the mass would mobilize their scarce resources for the Country's Development.
Indigence can be curtailed if we stand as Africans and maintain our culture and integrity without negatively diffusing foreign culture into our environment.

Thank you.
David Nectar.


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