ANAS #NUMBER 12 : Leadership In Tertiary Institutions must not be c........

The level of corruption in Ghana and Africa as a whole is nothing to write Home about. There's nothing Unique about the nature of corruption in our diaspora. Everyday you would hear people saying that, "corruption is too much, Ghana is corrupt, our Ministers are corrupt, we are suffering because of corruption, they are stealing us" and many more. What we should always think in mind is that, those Officials claimed to be corrupt didn't start from there, but it was from the infancy. Yes, I mean infancy in the sense that, when you go to almost all the Tertiary institutions in Ghana now, you would hear the majority of the students complaining that their Student Representative Council (SRC) Presidents are Rogues and corrupt. False campaign promises, and after they get access to power, they don't think of the welfare of Students but rather think of how to spend. SRC PRESIDENTS of some Tertiary Institutions in Ghana only focus on "Create, Loot and Share"

 When such a person starts this way, what do you think would happen when he/she gets access to power in the future? The person would definitely increase the level of corruption, hence serve as a bane. Must things be this way? Individual Ghanaians can fight corruption when we change from bad to good attitudes and report persons exhibiting bribery.

Today in Ghana, we are so blessed to have someone like Anas Aremeyaw Anas to champion corruption for us. What should we do as Ghanaians? We should help push Anas's agenda to fight against corruption. Anas with his time and Energy to champion corruption, some Ghanaians are against this. On June 9th 2018 Anas Aremeyaw Anas would be premiering a video about some top corrupt officials in Ghana and he named it #Number 12. But the member Of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is of the view that, someone should stop Anas the investigative journalist from premiering the show even in the extent of threatening his workers that, if they go to watch the Anas Video, they would be dismissed from work.

 The question is,

1.what has Anas done that is wrong?

2. Is Hon. Kennedy Agyapong a victim of the #Number 12 video

3. Is Hon. Kennedy Agyapong also against corruption or otherwise?

4. Is the  country for Kennedy Agyapong?

5. Must you have qualifications to fight against corruption?

With the above, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has not cleared the doubts in Ghanaians. I also like the Actions of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, he kept on posting on his various Social Media platforms that "We are focused". Which means that, the Actions and inactions of some people can't stop them from showing the video and hence fight against corruption. Even if Anas, has done something wrong, he should never be stopped under any circumstance in fighting against corruption in Ghana. Even with Anas alone in Ghana, some Government appointees are afraid to take bribe for favor. Every individual in Ghana is legitimate to fight corruption regardless your status, because the country belongs to everyone and not an individual. Corrupt scenes must be reported.

That's what Ghanaians demand. With these, just imagine if we have ten(10) people like Anas, one for each Region in Ghana, corruption would have reduced drastically or even stopped.

Anas should Premiere the Video, if you are found guilty, you face the law accordingly. That's the supremacy of the Law. Equality before the Law.
If anyone has something against the investigative journalist, he or she should go to court with proof and stop the accusations on Media. Anas wouldn't say anything about someone on the media but rather face the Law with proof.

How and where on earth should we allow misconduct and Greed as a norm in this country, where tax payers money should be spent by an individual. It is irrational. Some people work for whole years, yet they don't receive their salary, some also work years and receive part. Upon all that, the Government still deduct tax. So why should someone caught stealing this tax money be set free? It is not logic. If a Minister is caught in such a Greedy misconduct, why should he or she be freed upon taking that huge salary which can't be compared to a nurse or a teacher.

God Richly bless You, Anas Aremeyaw Anas for your hardworking..... Am helping push your Agenda.

I rest my case.
Am out.


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